1. About MikroTik RouterOS™
  2. Logging on and Passwords
  3. Licensing Issues
  4. Installation
  5. Upgrading
  6. Downgrading
  7. Payment information

About MikroTik RouterOS™
What is MikroTik RouterOS?
MikroTik RouterOS™ is a linux based operating system that makes your PC or Mikrotik RouterBOARD into powerfull router, firewall, traffic shaper and many more.

Is there Mikrotik RouterOS trial?
Yes, you can download and install Mikrotik RouterOS for free. Trial version will work for 24 working hours (you can run it 8 hours a day for three days). After the trial expires, you need to buy the license to continue with the usage.

Where can I buy the License Key?
You can buy it on our website under the Buy section, or you could buy it directly from the Mikrotik website. Our prices are a bit lower (because of reseller program) than MikroTik web shop.

Can MikroTik connect to high speed service provider such as T1, T3 or other high speed connection?
Yes, Mikrotik RouterOS has enough power to support high speed connections. It also support high speed NIC-s and SFP modules. You can use it as NAT, router, VPN server/client, user manager, bandwith manager, AP and many more in the same time. Supported interfaces can be found here!

How fast is Microtik RouterOS?
Mikrotik RouterOS is highly optimized and can run on 100MHz CPU. The more complex configuration and more traffic require faster hardware like multi-cpu and multi-core PC.

Can Mikrotik RouterOS do what Cisco router can?
Yes, Mikrotik RouterOS can do everything Cisco routers can for lower price, and even more (Mikrotik RouterOS includes Mikrotik propriety protocols like NStreme, NV2, EoIP etc). Mikrotik RouterOS is backward compatible with all routers, and the RouterOS upgrades are free.

What Operating system is used to run Mikrotik RouterOS?
Mikrotik RouterOS is linux based operating system, so you don't need any other OS to run it.

Is RouterOS secure?
Yes! Access to the router is protected by username and password. If needed, additional users can be added. Each user groups can be assigned to specific rights. You can limit Access to the router is protected by username and password. Additional users can be added to the router, specific rights can be set for user groups. Remote access to the router can be restricted by user, IP address. Firewall filtering is the easiest way to protect your router and network.

Logging on and Passwords
What is the default username and password for RouterOS login?
Default username is 'admin', and there is no password (hit the 'Enter' key). You can change password in Winbox or in terminal.

I forgot my password?
There is no way to recover the password. You will need to reinstall the router with Netinsall.

After power failure the MikroTik router is not starting up again?
If the router hasn't been properly shut down, it will perform file system check which can take up to few minutes for larger disks. Please wait untill the check is complete.

How can I access router if LAN has been disabled?
You can access the router with monitor and keyboard (for PC based router) or via serial port.

Licencing Issues
How many time can I use RouterOS license?
There is no limit in using your license, but you can use it only on one router. You can reinstall your router as many times you want.

Does the license expire?
The license does not expire. The router runs for ever.

How can I reinstall the MikroTik RouterOS™ software without losing my software license?
When resintalling RouterOS, don't use any format/partition utilities. You need to use RouterOS installation (from CD/Netinstall) on the this where the previous installation is still located. Use the same BIOS settings for your HDD.

Can I use my MikroTik RouterOS™ software license on a different hardware?
Yes, you can use different hardware (NIC, MB, CPU etc.) but you need to use the same HDD, because RouterOS license is connected to your HDD. The license is stored on HDD, and it is erased if format or disk partitioning utilities are used. Reinstallation of RouterOS is not needed if moving to another hardware. Transfering licence to another HDD costs $10. Please contact our support if you want your license transfered to antoher HDD.

What to do, if my hard drive with MikroTik RouterOS™ dies, and I have to install another one?
If you have paid licence, please contact Mikrotik support (support@mikrotik.com) with details about the problem. Mikrotik can issue a replacement key, but also can request broken HDD as a proof. If you have free demo licence, replacement key can not be issued. You can obtain another demo license or buy one of the full licenses.

How can I enter a new Software Key?
You can enter it using Console/FTP: * import the attached file with the command '/system license import' (you must upload the license key to the router's FTP server)

Entering the key using Console/Telnet: * use copy/paste to enter the key into a Telnet window (no matter which submenu).

Be sure to copy the whole key, including the lines "--BEGIN MIKROTIK SOFTWARE KEY--" and "--END MIKROTIK SOFTWARE KEY--"

Entering the key using Winbox: * use 'system -> license' menu in Winbox to Paste or Import the key

I have mis-typed the software ID when I purchased the Software Key. How can I fix this?
In the Account Server choose `work with keys`, then select your mis-typed key, and then choose `fix key`.

How large HDD can I use for the MikroTik RouterOS™?
MikroTik RouterOS™ supports disks larger than 8GB (usually up to 120GB). But make sure the BIOS of the router's motherboard supports these large disks.

Can I run MikroTik RouterOS™ from any hard drive in my system?
Yes Can multiple hard drives be used in Mikrotik RouterOS? Yes, you can use secondary drive as web cache storage.

Why the CD installation stops at some point and does not go to the end?
Some motherboards are not fully compatible with RouterOS. Try rebooting the computer and restarting the installation. If the problem isn't resolved, you will have to use different hardware.

How can I install additional feature packages?
You need to use the same version package files (.npk) as the system package. All packages are listen under /system package menu in RouterOS. Please make sure you have 2MB of free disk space after uploading the packages. After uploading the files, reboot the router to install the packages.

How can I upgrade?
Firs, you will need an upgrade package. You can get one on www.mikrotik.com/download. Upload the downloaded package to router (drag and drop in Winbox, or by FTP) and reboot the router.

I installed additional feature package, but the relevant interface does not show up under the /interface print list.
You must have appropriate license level to install some NPK packages.

If I do upgrade RouterOS, will I lose my configuration?
No, configuration is preserved when upgrading to other version of RouterOS. You should, never the less, make backup of your configuration prior to upgrade.

How much free disk space do I need when upgrading to higher version?
You need space for the system package and the additional packages you have to upgrade. After uploading the newer version packages to the router you should have at least 2MB free disk space left. If less then 2MB space left do not try to upgrade! Uninstall the unnecessary packages first, and then upgrade the remaining ones.

How can I downgrade the MikroTik RouterOS™ installation to an older version?
You can downgrade RouterOS by uploading upgrade package via Winbox/FTP, entering "/system packages downgrade" in terminal.

Payment information
How can I pay Mikrotik license?
You can pay Mikrotik license with your credit card or with BitCoin. None of your credit card or personal info will be stored. The payment is managed by secure payment gateway which assures you of safe and reliable shopping. Payments are non refundable! Your card will be billed in Croatian Kunas (HRK), based on the exchange rate of the day. Your bank may charge a fee for the currency exchange.