How to install RouterOS on PC

Installing from CD

You will need to have a Mikrotik RouterOS installation CD. You can make one by downloading Mikrotik RouterOS ISO image and burning it to an empty CD. Burn the CD-image (an .iso file) to a CD.

Follow the instructions to install RouterOS using CD-Install:

1. Set the CDROM as the primary boot device in router's BIOS and boot from Mikrotik RouterOS installation CD.

2.After booting from CD you will see a menu where to choose packages to install: Welcome to MikroTik Router Software installation Move around menu using 'p' and 'n' or arrow keys, select with 'spacebar'. Select all with 'a', minimum with 'm'. Press 'i' to install locally or 'r' to install remote router or 'q' to cancel and reboot.

[X] system
[ ] isdn
[ ] synchronous
[X] ppp
[ ] lcd
[ ] telephony
[X] dhcp
[ ] ntp
[ ] ups
[X] advanced-tools
[ ] radiolan
[ ] web-proxy
[ ] arlan
[ ] routerboard
[ ] wireless
[ ] gps
[X] routing
[ ] hotspot
[X] security

Follow the instructions, select packages you need, and press 'i' to install the software.

3. Next, you will have to chose if wheter you want to erase disk drive:
Warning: all data on the disk will be erased!
Continue? [y/n]

Press [Y] to continue or [N] to abort the installation.

4. Chose wheter you want too keep old configuration:
Do you want to keep old configuration? [y/n]:
You should choose whether you want to keep old configuration (press [Y]) or to erase the configuration permanently (press [N]) and continue without saving it.

For a fresh installation, press [N].

Creating partition...
Formatting disk...

Please remove the CD from your CD drive, the system will install RouterOS and the selected packages. After the installation finishes, press "Enter" to reboot the system.
Software installed.
Press ENTER to reboot

Note: after the installation you will have to enter the Software key.